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The Gazetteer of Green Men

Gazetteer last updated: March 2020

The Company of the Green Man maintains the largest gazetteer of Green Men, Green Women and Green Beasts in the world. When the founder of The Company of the Green Man Ronald Millar wrote the book “The Green Man Companion and Gazetteer” in 1997 he included our first gazetteer containing 61 entries. Ron told me that he thought there may actually be hundreds of Green Men out there. Little did Ron know how much he had underestimated the incredible spread of the Green Man. Our Gazetteer now lists thousands of Green Men, Women and Beasts. More sightings arrive weekly and I suspect that there are many thousands more as yet undiscovered Green Men out there.

My hope is that the downloadable gazetteer becomes a really useful tool for Green Man hunters who can now download a current copy to their phone or tablet prior to heading out so that it is always available offline.

The Gazetteer is available for our members to download completely free of charge in our Members Area. You can join The Company of the Green Man for free HERE

It is still very much a work in progress, I have many sightings to add and a lot of formatting to do but rather than keeping it back until it is perfect. I would prefer it be available for use now and keep updating it as and when I can.

Whilst the gazetteer is completely free to download it has taken many years of hard work to produce and it would be really appreciated if those who find it useful would consider making a small donation via our Donate tab above or via THIS LINK

How you can help

Our gazetteer is growing daily but we need help verifying many of the entries as well as discovering as yet unrecorded green men. Hunting green men is a fascinating pursuit for individuals groups or the whole family and will get you out and about  in some fantastic locations. Entire walks or journeys can be planned around searching for green men and there are many, many green men, green women and green beasts still waiting to be discovered. In the words of Clive Hicks author of “The Green Man: A Field Guide”:

“There are certainly many, many green men not known to us…..It might be you that identifies a gem of a green man who has been gracing a church for centuries, unnoticed until your visit”

Those who discover a green man that has never been recorded will be credited in our gazetteer as the original discoverer! Those how are able to verify an entry will be credited as the verifier. Please e-mail me with as much detail as possible and preferably include a photograph for us to add to our online Flickr Archive.

As a minimum it is really helpful to record:

Place: (street, town, county, church name etc.)

Location: whereabouts is the green man (outside, inside, on a corbel near the west door, outside on a frieze on the second story etc.)

Date: Many churches have information sheets detailing when they were built, many buildings have a prominent date stone)

A picture: The quality of even the most basic of mobile phone cameras is now so good that even a quick snap would really be appreciated. It will be added to our online photographic archive copyrighted to the finder and may even appear in our members newsletter and on our blog.

One response

  1. Reem Kattan

    Hi! I just discovered The company of the green man and joined. I found you via a google search. I am a green man enthusiast and am currently based in Canterbury. I found two green men and two green women undocumented in the Gazetteer and have taken photographs of them (as best I could, there was a huge tree in front of the two near a window). They are undeniably green men and women, although two are eroded. The location is Tower House in the Westgate Gardens: St Peter’s St, Canterbury CT1 2BQ, Kent, U.K. Enter the garden and go straight past the Westgate and guildhall and you will come upon Tower House. The green men are on the exterior of the left part of the building near two windows. A pair beside each one. Will send pictures if you email me!

    Jul 22, 2022 at 10:06 am

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