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Green Man of the Month (January 2010)


Green Man of the month for January is from  The Church of St John the Evangelist in Northington, Berkshire.

This wonderful church was built through the generosity of the 4th Lord Ashburton and his wife Leonora. It replaced a church built in 1832 by Edward Hunt which in turn stood on the site of a Mediaeval church,. Unusually the modern day church does not stand on the site of these two churches, they stood in what is now the car park and material from both the buildings was used as aggregate for the concrete during the construction of the modern building. The architect was Sir Thomas Graham Jackson a pupil of Sir Gilbert Scott.

The church boasts seven Green Men and one Green Women all of exceptional quality. The Green Man pictured takes pride of place for January in The official Company of the Green Man calendar for 2010. All the photos have been taken by me over the last year and include some less well known green men that I’ve come across in my journeys. It’s available worldwide from our Cafepress shop at :

Please be aware that holidays marked in the calendar are US holidays, we will be producing a full UK version for 2011