All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Image Archive

Hastings Jack 2010

The Company of the Green Man maintains a free online archive of images of the Green Man and the Traditional Jack-in-the-Green on our Flickr site:

Copyright for any pictures added to the archive always remains with the original photographer as does full control over how the pictures are used. I will never use anybody’s images for any commercial use without full written permission. occasionally I get requests to use pictures for books, magazines etc and these requests are passed directly on to the original photographer so that they can benefit from their own work.

Any photos added to the Flickr archive  will be copyrighted and credited to you.

If you wish to add a picture to the gallery  just e-mail it to me via the contact tab above (for large collections please contact me first)

Although digital photos are easiest for us to post onto the archive we understand that there are many people out there out there whose collections were created in the days of dark rooms or Boots! (as were mine) but fear not! most photo shops (and even Boots) will scan photographs into a digital format for you and burn them onto a disc for you and depending on the quantity of images this is something that I can offer to do for free too.

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