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Annual Events 2023

Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

The Snowdrops are just beginning to peek through and so it’s finally that time of the year when I begin the task of updating the list of annual events that feature The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green and The Green Man throughout the UK.

The list is HERE and I will be updating it regularly. Confirmations of events are beginning to come in thick and fast. You will find links to each events own website or Facebook page on our annual events page so that you can check details on times and locations.
Please do get in touch if you are an organiser or follower of a particular event and can confirm that it is going ahead and I will ensure that I promote your event within these pages.

And a reminder that it is the Hastings Jack in the Green’s 40th Anniversary this year and all existing Jacks in the Green are formally invited to join the Hastings Jack in the Green for the celebrations.

If you are new to these pages and are wondering just what on earth a Jack in the Green is then your whistle stop tour of the history of the Traditional Jack in the Green can be found right HERE.

And everything that you need to know about the modern revived Jacks can be found HERE