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The Moss Maidens awake

These wonderful Moss Maidens have been made by the very talented Mistress Hulda Crowsigh of The Hookland Doll Emporium. The perfect Beltane gift. They are available to purchase from
as are the wonderful tatters and felt Jack-in-the-Green pictured below. Wonderful gifts for the May Queen or King in your life.

Happy New Year

Carshalton Straw Jack September 2021 Copyright Charlie Waters

I would like to wish all members and followers of The Company of the Green Man a Happy New Year and all the very best for 2022.

I would also like to thank everyone for their continued support and best wishes whilst The Company of the Green Man continues in a temporary semi-dormant state whilst I concentrate on starting my own business and becoming one of the great self-employed. I was made redundant just prior to the start of the pandemic at the end of 2019. not a great time to start your own business but things are going well and I love what I do.

Whilst I don’t have the time to update the gazetteer, Flickr archive or produce the e-newsletters I am still trying my best to keep my finger on the pulse of the Green Man and the Traditional Jack-in-the-Green and hope to be attending as many events as possible (fingers crossed) this year. I will also do my best to keep this blog as fresh as possible and try to provide the most up-to date information on this years events as well as Green Man sightings. I have updated our events page ready to start providing dates for this years events HERE

My thanks to Charlie Waters for posting the above picture of the 2021 Carshalton Straw Jack and allowing it to be shared, what a great record of the event.

Whilst it was another very unusual year there were still a wonderful number of Jacks sighted during 2021, they were:

  • The Hammersmith Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Boss Morris Jacky-in-the-Green
  • The Whitstable Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Bradford on Avon Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Winchcombe Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Carshalton Straw Jack (September)

The Oxford Jack was reproduced in collage form again last year.
The Evercreech Jacks head was decorated by the local community and displayed for all to see.
The Lions Part sadly had to cancel their 2021 October Plenty and 2022 Twelfth Night Celebrations but as always provided some wonderful online content.

There were also many mini Jacks who appeared last year including ones from

  • The Deptford Fowler’s Troop Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Dead Horse Morris Jack-in-the-Green
  • Lots of Hastings based Mini – Jacks

As always if you spot any that I have missed or have any pictures of last years Jacks please do send them in.

Hopefully this year will see many more Jacks come back to life and I very much hope to attend some much missed annual events and meet up with some old friends again.

All the very best

Chris Walton