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Jack in the Green 2020 update and videos

It has of course been a very unusual year for The Traditional Jacks in the Green. It’s been sad that many of the Jacks could not go out but due to the wonders of technology some fantastic events have taken place online. So far this year at least four Jacks were sighted in the leaf:

  • The Hammersmith Jack in the Green
  • The Winchcome Jack in the Green
  • The Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green
  • The Deptford (Fowler’s Troop) Jack on the Green

Many new mini Jacks in the Green also appeared around Hastings and all over the country.

And the Cheltenham Jack in the Green sent his best wishes to everyone from isolation in the Hedgerow.

The Hastings Traditional Jack in the Green organisers presented a brilliant weekend of entertainment bringing all of the usual events online including the waking and slaying of the 2020 Jack in the Green. The main procession can still be viewed by searching for it on Facebook (unfortunately Facebook won’t allow it to be embedded here).

The Evercreech Jack of Jack’s original beast head with a smaller body decorated in flowers and foliage went on display in the Old Stores Studio in Evercreech as part of a fantastic window display that you can see in the video below.

The Bradford on Avon Jack in the Green didn’t appear but the organisers created a wonderful online festival instead showcasing nearly all their planned dancers, musicians and venues. They used existing videos previously recorded by their performers as well as several specially made lockdown clips and many photos from The Company of the Green Man.  There are over 90 separate clips and, as it lasts for over three hours. You can view the online festival below.

The Hammersmith Jack in the Green supported by The World Famous Hammersmith Morris Men brought tears to the eye with their beautiful video of the 2020 Jack that went live at dawn on 1st May.

The organisers of The Whitstable Jack in the Green put on a great show presented by the always wonderful Dixie Lee. As well as lots of dancing and music Jack’s route was still processed in isolation.

The slightly trimmer than usual Deptford Jack in the Green put in a great lock down appearance on May 1st as can be seen in the video below.

The Oxford Jack in the Green also appeared virtually from photos of Spring foliage sent in by members of Oxford University Morris Men from around the UK, and even from as far afield as Toronto and Pnom Penh.

I would also like to once again thank all those involved with Jack in the Green and Green Man events around the country and abroad this and every year. The organisers and participants put blood sweat and tears into keeping these wonderful traditions alive and The Company of the Green Man will always be here to support them. I will raise a pint of ale to you all and look forward to meeting up with you all again over the coming years. #jackwillbeback

And fingers crossed that the Carshalton Straw Jack might still parade in September.