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Snow Dance – Sian Jamison


The Awakening
By Sian Jamison

The Awakening
He slumbers still
In wintry pall,
But as the earth warms
He hears the call.

Wake up, wake up
The time has come,
Shake off your chains
And break the mould
That holds you still.

Push through the turf
And let your tendrils unfold,
Come forth!
Reach out
Through snow,
And let the source,
The force
And energy
And exuberance show.

With gathering force
Which can’t be stopped,
Snow- dropped the glades
Wherein you rise,
And ferns
Show face
As spring quickens
And time begins to pace
And race.

On it comes
Breaking through the frozen ground
With spikes of green,
And blades which thrust and swipe
And quiver,
Emerge and surge
With lust and vigour.

He rises fast
In glorious green
Unveiled once more
He can be seen
On mossy bank and gilded shore,
On granite boulder, on the moor.

In woodland clearing,
Hedgerow rich,
In furrow, burrow, ream and ditch.
He spreads his news
He is alive!
The Green Man comes
New life will thrive!

The above is reproduced with kind permission from Sian Jamison’s wonderful poetry book “The Green Man.”

More poems from the book will feature in our newsletter and on our blog throughout the coming seasons.

You can find out more about Sian and her work as well as purchase The Green Man CD, songbook and poetry book at