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The Green Man is Sleeping – Sian Jamison


The Green Man is Sleeping



The Green Man is sleeping, there’s nobody there,

The Green Man is sleeping, the trees are all bare,

The birds in the branches have all flown away,

The Green Man is sleeping, it’s cold and it’s grey.


The wind it is howling, like a dog without a bone,

It snarls and it gnaws the whole day long,

It snaps the limbs off suffering trees,

And pants and foams on the brining seas.


The Green Man he hears the noise all around,

But the clamour evades him, he’s under the ground,

He waits inert for winter to pass,

For the sun to come out and warm up the grass.


It’s freezing, it’s freezing, ice hangs from the roof,

But the earth binds him closer, obscuring the truth,

It’s freezing, it’s freezing, the coffin is sealed,

And we must all wait… for what will be revealed.



The above is reproduced with kind permission from Sian Jamison’s wonderful poetry book “The Green Man.”

More poems from the book will feature in our newsletter and on our blog throughout the coming seasons.

You can find out more about Sian and her work as well as purchase The Green Man CD, songbook and poetry book at