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The Company of the Green Man Christmas Appeal

My apologies for the extended delay in posting here and publishing the latest e-newsletter. Moving house this year was as time consuming as I was warned. Then just when the cardboard boxes were down to a more manageable quantity and I thought I could sit in front of the log burner with a wee dram and get back to it, I managed to blow up my trusty laptop!

The good news is that all my files appear to be safe, it might just take a while for me to be able to get to them.

And so my original thought was to put out my annual appeal to our members to make a small donation to help keep The Company of the Green Man online and to help me pay for the laptop repairs (or worse case scenario a new laptop).

But although it will be a bit inconvenient I’ll get by, and The Company of the Green Man will be up and running again in 2018.

Instead I would really appreciate it if you have enjoyed your membership of The Company of the Green Man, or just browsing our blog or Flickr Archive if you would instead donate to some friends of ours who are in much more need this Yuletide.

Just over a year ago the handsome fellow above came into our lives. Milo had been abandoned as a puppy and was taken to St Giles Animal Rescue Centre. As is often the case his was a particularly sad story, but the good news is that he has now found his forever home with us.

However the rescue centre he came from is very much in need of some help, as are the cats and dogs currently living there. Their website was recently hacked and as a result their ability to attract new owners was seriously compromised. They are back up and running but unfortunately they are now inundated with dogs and cats in need of warmth, shelter, food and medical attention.

You can help by either donating directly via their secure donation page:

Or by sending the cats or dogs a Christmas treat via their Amazon wish list:

If you would like to know more about St Giles Animal Rescue or if you or someone you know are looking to adopt a cat or dog then please go to their website here:

Thank you all for your patience, normal service will be resumed………

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