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The Carshalton Straw Jack – Today

Carshalton Straw Jack 2015 © Pixyled Publications

Carshalton Straw Jack 2015 © Pixyled Publications

It’s been a fantastic year for the traditional Jack in the Green with 19 spotted so far. Today the Carshalton Straw Jack will become the 20th and last Jack of 2017. A Celebration of Harvest the Carshalton Straw Jack is ritually stripped in the evening so that all present can take a keepsake and then he is burnt in a brazier. It is hoped that he will be burnt as a complete figure one year. I have had great difficulty getting in touch with the organisers of The Carshalton Jack, if anyone out there can put me in touch just so that I can get a little bit more information about this wonderful Jack I would be extremely grateful. And if anyone is lucky enough to see The Carshalton Jack today please, please do send us some pictures for these pages via the contact us link above.

The timetable for the Carshalton Jack taken directly from their website is below.

Approximate route and times, may change!
Racehorse, West Street   Arrive  from 11:05 Depart 12:15
West Street, Festival Walk, Ponds

Woodman / Coach & Horses, High Street   Arrive 12:35 Depart 13:30
High Street, along to Charles Cryer Theatre
Grove Park, Mill Lane

The Sun, North Street     Arrive 13:55 Depart 14:55
North Street, Camden Road

The Railway, North Street     Arrive 15:15 Depart 16:15
North Street, West Street Lane

Hope, West Street   Arrive 16:30

Burning around 19:30 dependant on weather.     

For more details about the route the Jack will take today their website is:

My apologies to everyone waiting patiently for The Company of the Green Man’s 16th e-newsletter. Moving house earlier this year has meant that all my free time has been taken up with cardboard boxes and DIY. I had hoped that the Summer newsletter would become the late Summer newsletter, but as Autumn is now impatiently knocking on the door and glaring at me through the window it looks like the next e-newsletter will now be published in Winter 2017/18. My thanks to everyone who has sent contributions in, rather than rush out a newsletter I would rather take the time to produce something that will do your hard work justice.

Carshalton Straw Jack 2015 © Pixyled Publications

Carshalton Straw Jack 2015 © Pixyled Publications