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Jack in the Green 2016 Update

Bristol Jack in the Green 2016

Bristol Jack in the Green 2016

I was lucky enough to witness the awakening of the Bristol Jack-in-the-Green on Bristol’s Harbourside this morning. Jack was particularly energetic this year and nearly escaped on a number of occasions. He led a magical procession through the streets of Bristol finally arriving on Horfield Common where a short while ago (if they managed to catch him) he died to release the spirit of summer. Thanks to everyone involved for another brilliant Bristol Jack-in-the-Green. More pictures of the Bristol and other Jacks will be available to view on our Flickr archive over the coming weeks.

I have now had confirmed sightings of the following Jacks:

  • Bluebell Hill/Rochester Sweeps Jack-in-the-Green
  • Dead Horse Morris Jack-in-the-Green
  • Hammersmith Morris Jack-in-the-Green
  • Highworth Jack-in-the-Green
  • Oxford Jack-in-the-Green
  • Deptford/Fowlers Troop Jack-in-the-Green
  • Cheltenham Sweeps Jack-in-the-Green
  • Hastings Traditional Jack-in-the-Green
  • Whitstable Jack-in-the-Green
  • Ilfracombe Jack-in-the-Green
  • Winchcombe Jack-in-the-Green
  • Bristol Jack-in-the-Green
  • Knutsford Jack-in-the-Green
  • Guildford Jack-in-the-Green
  • Bovey Tracey/Grimspound Morris Jack-in-the-Green
  • Horsley Primary School (Stroud) Jack-in-the-Green

I would love to be able to gather photographs of all of this years Jacks for our online Flickr archive. Please send any pictures via the ‘Contact Us’ tab at the top of the blog page. All pictures are copyrighted to the original photographer.

I’m still awaiting confirmation that the following Jacks have been sighted, please do contact me if you can confirm any of the below:

  • Hever Castle Jack-in-the-Green
  • Kentwell Hall Jack O’Green
  • Wythenshawe Hall Jack ‘O’ Green

There are also a few Jacks that put in occasional appearances but have not been seen for a while. These include:

  • The City of London Jack-in-the-Green
  • The Beltane Bash/Pagan Pride Jack-in-the-Green

I would love to hear if they have been sighted at all.

Sadly the following Jacks did not appear this year, fingers crossed for next year:

  • Chagford Jack-in-the-Green

If you haven’t seen a Jack-in-the-Green yet this year there are still at least three more to come as detailed below:

Yaxley (Cambridgeshire) Jack-in-the-Green (Saturday May 14th)

The Yaxley Jack-in-the-Green started in 2013 and lead the Yaxley May parade. He was accompanied by Sap-Engro and Copperface as well as an attendant wearing the original Ancient Order of the Foresters sash, worn in the village’s parades in the nineteenth and early twentieth century and a host of boggarts – the mischievous imps of Fenland lore. This is now a bi-annual event.

Yaxley Jack-in-the-Green


Brentham May Day and Jack-in-the-Green (Saturday 14th May)

Brentham has a big celebration every May which includes a Jack in the Green described as a walking talking bush who sometimes parades barefoot. Brentham’s May Day tradition became established in 1919 after the end of the First World War and expanded considerably for 1921 when the first Jack-in-the-Green appeared.

Brentham Jack in the Green


Carshalton Straw Jack (TBC)
A celebration of Harvest this takes place in September each year. The straw Jack is ritually stripped in the evening so that all present can take a keepsake and then he is burnt in a brazier. It is hoped that he will be burnt as a complete figure one year.

Carshalton Straw Jack



Bristol Jack in the Green 2016

Bristol Jack in the Green 2016