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e-newsletter 14 call for contributions

Our fourteenth e-newsletter will be lovingly crafted by me over the next few months. As always I rely on the generosity of our members for the contributions that will fill the pages of our Summer 2016 edition.

We welcome any contribution that has a connection with the subject of The Green Man or the Jack-in-the-Green: Articles, poems, pictures, sightings, short (or long) stories, reviews, songs…etc. etc. In particular for our summer edition I would love to be able to publish pictures and/or accounts of our members experiences of the various and wonderful Jack-in-the-Green celebrations that take place this year. Details of all this years events are available HERE or by going to the “Annual Events 2016” tab on the blog. It would also be wonderful if members could send me live pictures of events for me to upload instantly to our blog so that our members around the world can experience some of the magic of the celebrations as they occur.

Any items for inclusion in the Summer e-newsletter should be with me by June 7th please.

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