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New Sighting – Ilsington Devon

Ilsington 1

During a recent holiday on Dartmoor in Devon a little bit of Green Man hunting took place. This remarkable disgorging roof boss was discovered in the 15th century church of St Michael at Ilsington.

A number of intriguingly moustachioed bosses tried to distract and confuse us. But finally there he was peering down from on high to add as a completely new entry to the gazetteer. Always a great feeling when a previously unreported green man appears out of the gloom of a church ceiling.

More pictures are available in our Flickr archive HERE

The Green Man Orchestral Suite


Green Man

After a visit to see the Highworth Jack-in-the-Green, Company of The Green Man member Garry Judd was inspired to write an orchestral suite.  About one hundred and eighty years ago, Garry’s Great Great Great Grandad James left Highworth to try his luck in the City Of London. Unfortunately, he soon found out that the streets weren’t paved with gold, but went on to begin the line of North London Judds. Garry had always wanted to see a Jack-in-the-Green parade and so when the opportunity to see the Highworth Jack-in-the-Green came up it was an opportunity he couldn’t miss.

Highworth in Wiltshire celebrated it’s 800th anniversary with a Jack in the Green on 22nd April 2006 and the Jack is now an annual tradition as part of an annual May Market. Jack is accompanied by the wonderful Bang To Rites Drummers.

Garry is a composer who works in film, TV, radio, other media as well as concert music which has been premiered at the Wigmore Hall and featured on BBC Radio 3 and ClassicFM. His music has been played by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Courtney Pine, Leslie Howard, Finn Peters, Guy Pratt, John Etheridge and The London Community Gospel Choir to name but a few. He has written for over 150 film, television, radio and other media productions and is broadcast regularly throughout the world.

The Company of the Green Man has always supported and where possible promoted artists who have been inspired by The Jack-in-the-Green or the Green Man. It’s wonderful to add an orchestral suite to the list of music the traditional Jack-in-the-Green has inspired over the years. Other musicians inspired by the Jack include Jethro Tull who recorded a song called “Jack-in-the-Green” for their 1977 album Songs from the Wood. Jools Holland wrote a track called “Jack O The Green”  with Suggs of Madness after Suggs saw the Jack in the Green at Whitstable. Northamptonshire folk band Empty Pocket included “Jack in the Green” by Paul Rogers in their 1995 album of the same name. Oxford folk band Magpie Lane’s fourth CD, Jack-in-the-Green (1998), includes a song of the same name, written by Martin Graebe.

Garry Judd’s The Green Man is available on iTunes HERE or to listen to for free via Spotify HERE

Company of the Green Man T-Shirts


I am regularly asked if we have a members t-shirt available and I can finally say yes!! I don’t have time to produce and post out t-shirts myself so I have in the past made t-shirts available via a couple of online merchandise stores. The problem has always been quality and price. In the early days the quality of the t-shirts and the printing was very poor, logos would come off after a couple of washes and the shirts would shrink. Prices were also very restrictive especially the postage.

Things seem to have come on a long way since those days and so I am very happy to make a number of designs available via Zazzle. You are able to customise the t-shirts in many ways. You can choose the type of t-shirt (men’s/ladies) the colour and the fabric (standard/organic etc.) You can also choose from a number of styles including hooded sweatshirts and double sided items. As with most online t-shirt manufacturers the prices are still a little high, but Zazzle regularly feature promotional codes  on their website (see below) which brings them down to a reasonable price if you use standard shipping.  The Company of the Green Man will make the minimal percentage possible on any sale in order to pass the saving on to our members. Zazzle promise 100% satisfaction, if you don’t absolutely love it they’ll take it back!

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e-newsletter 14 call for contributions

Our fourteenth e-newsletter will be lovingly crafted by me over the next few months. As always I rely on the generosity of our members for the contributions that will fill the pages of our Summer 2016 edition.

We welcome any contribution that has a connection with the subject of The Green Man or the Jack-in-the-Green: Articles, poems, pictures, sightings, short (or long) stories, reviews, songs…etc. etc. In particular for our summer edition I would love to be able to publish pictures and/or accounts of our members experiences of the various and wonderful Jack-in-the-Green celebrations that take place this year. Details of all this years events are available HERE or by going to the “Annual Events 2016” tab on the blog. It would also be wonderful if members could send me live pictures of events for me to upload instantly to our blog so that our members around the world can experience some of the magic of the celebrations as they occur.

Any items for inclusion in the Summer e-newsletter should be with me by June 7th please.

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