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The Holly Man

Holly Man copyright © Damian Frost

Holly Man copyright © Damian Frost


David Risley sent us this picture of his latest manifestation of the Greenman at the Lions part Twelfth Night festival that took place on 4th Jan. For this festival the Holly man, his winter guise, was rowed up the Thames and landed at the Bankside where much Wassailing ensued. The picture is by Damian Frost.

Book of the Month – February



Our book of the month for February is “In Search of the Green Man” by Peter Hill

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Historical Jack-in-the-Green – February

Samuel Collings May Day in London1784

Each month I publish a  newspaper article that featured the traditional Jack-in-the-Green along with a picture or photograph from the archive. Each of these articles is a fascinating window into a bygone era. For more information about the Jack in the Green both current and historical visit our main website at:

May 1st 1832: A WET MAY-DAY

The rain of yesterday morning wholly damped the spirit of the May-day. Melancholy and miserable looked “Jack-i’-the-green,” as his laurels dripped over his black forehead ; one of these spectacles in Whitehall was a sad lesson to that sport which so frequently ends in mourning. The chief sweep and his lady, in all their glistening finery (by the way, they understand the jeweller’s rule of contrast admirably, setting “barbaric pearl and gold” in black), slinked along one side of the street in the manner of an ejected dog, beneath (oh, march of intellect!) a silk umbrella ; close behind came a Falstaffian regiment of beardless sweeps, melancholy, miserable, and muddy, vainly striving to look sedate and sober – your wet day is a great gin provoker – and the rear was brought up by “Jack” – at least “the green,” moved along but danced not, neither did it rejoice as of old on May-day ; twirl gave it none, and but that it did move, bore no other sign of tenancy.

The True Sun, 2 May 1832, page 1.

The picture featured this month is May Day in London by Samuel Collings (1784)

Green Man

copyright © Albion James

My thanks to Albion James for sending us this wonderful picture. You can see more of his work here: