All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Historical Jack-in-the-Green – October

Charles Green - Jack in the Green 1869

Each month I publish a  newspaper article that featured the traditional Jack-in-the-Green along with a picture or photograph from the archive. Each of these articles is a fascinating window into a bygone era. For more information about the Jack in the Green both current and historical visit our main website at:


About ten o’clock yesterday morning a very frightful accident occurred in the Blackfriars-road. A group of May-day sweeps, decorated with ribbons, accompanied by what is called “Jack in the Green” and drums, were performing their grotesque capers in the road, when suddenly the horses of a Gentleman’s carriage near them started and plunged into the crowd, unfortunately knocking down a little sweep and the man called “Jack in the Green.” The affrighted horses were, almost in a minute after, stopped, but, unhappily, the unfortunate boy was so dreadfully injured by the wheels passing over him, that he died instantly, and was removed into a public-house. The “Jack in the Green” was severely bruised , and being extricated from his drapery, was carried to the Hospital.

The Morning Post, 2 May 1828, page 3.

The picture featured this month is Jack in the Green by Charles Green (1869)

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