All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Ed and Will Walking North

Ed and Will

Ed and Will are intrepid explorers walking the ancient and not so ancient pathways of Britain singing for their supper and seeking out ancient songs and tales. On  June 5th, they set off on a new quest, to walk north for Liverpool. From South Somerset, they aim to cross the Welsh mountains for Anglessey, before hitting the modern cultural capital. They will record an album of folk songs in acoustic hotspots that they discover whilst walking. I’ve asked Ed and Will to keep an ear open for any songs or tales that involve the Green man or the Jack-in-the-Green and hope to cross their path at some point this summer.

They are also seeking out historic springs and wells, to get a taste of Britain’s heritage drinking water.

Ed and Will and friends have formed a Charitable Trust, called Flowing Britain, to raise awareness of historic British potable springs and wells, for public education and health. They believe everyone deserves access to safe natural drinking water, within an hour’s walk of their home.

For more info go to their website

And if you see them on their way don’t be afraid… join them and sing along.

It is not getting dark.

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