All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

The Greening of Man


Sharon Zak and David Bradshaw have created a remarkable new book. The book  features contributors from all over the world and is full to the brim with inspiring artwork, poetry and prose.

It has been described by one reader as: “a beautiful and intoxicating celebration of our true spirituality

From the Greening of Man website:

“This book is a veritable feast of creativity focusing on the essence of the Greenman, our connection to the land and the passion that drives us to live within glorious spiritual ‘Greening’ that is with us today.

This book is a journey for the soul, an uplifting and shining collection of stunning artwork, photography, poetry and prose, blessings, meditations and personal stories.

Much of this work has been gifted by the green-spirited souls who have come to know Slippery Jacks. It is their gift to you.

In this book we remember who we are; what connects us to each other and to this precious land. We pay tribute to the Greenman in all his guises.

Live with great joy and step lightly on your own unique Green Path.”

A4, full colour, soft cover book with 104 pages published by Slippery Jacks Press at £18.99 + p&p for additional information or to purchase your own copy visit:

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