All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Hastings Jack-in-the-Green 2012

The Hastings Jack-in-the-Green was released this morning from the Fisherman’s Museum in Rock-a-Nore Rd and paraded through the town of Hastings joined by the City of London Jack-in-the-Green, the Fowlers Troop Jack-in-the-Green and a vast array of Bogies and other followers in celebration of the Hasting’s Jacks 30th Anniversary. Many more pictures to follow on our Flickr site soon. sadly I didn’t manage to get away in time to visit the Whitstable Jack and would dearly love some pictures if possible. I would also like to hear from anyone who can give me confirmation of sightings  or pictures of any other Jacks that went out this year including:

The Guildford Jack-in-the-Green
The Brentham Jack-in-the-Green
The Knutsford Jack-in-the-Green
The Oxford Jack-in-the-Green
The Winchcombe Jack-in-the-Green
The Ilfracombe Jack-in-the-Green
The Tunbridge Wells Jack-in-the-Green
The High Wycombe Jack-in-the-Green
The Whitstable Jack-in-the-Green

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