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The Ancient Legacy

COTGM member Vanessa Piggott recently went to a performance by group called “Folk At The Fold”. They performed a play with poetry and folk songs called The Ancient Legacy based around the changing farming year “then and now,” the theme throughout was the Green man, with songs for every season and readings, and a good big image at the back of the stage. Vanessa recommends anyone near Worcester to look out for the next performance.

The Ancient Legacy

A journey through the seasons in music, song, poetry and sketches

with some of the Counties most respected folk musicians and actors.

“ When Summer days grow shorter and Autumn days draw near,

The nights grow ever longer, ‘till the turning of the year.

If, when the sun is highest, still the world turns as of old,

We know that winter’s waiting, even when the fields are gold”.…..

Vicki Williams

   And just as surely, Spring will follow Winter in the ‘everlasting circle’ of the seasons.

The Ancient legacy’ is a lively production which takes us on a journey through the seasons and the farming year both past and present celebrating them in music, song, poetry and humorous sketches.

Narrators introduce you to the modern farmer struggling with ministry documents, and the ploughboy of long ago as they journey through Spring ploughing, haymaking and harvest  until Christmas celebrations before turning again to look forward to another new year.

Throughout the play the ancient and mysterious symbol of the ‘Green Man’ appears, representing continuity of the seasons and the need for unity with our natural world, ultimately delivering a message of hope for the future.

The play has an eleven strong cast made up of local actors, singers and musicians dedicated to bringing their audience an engaging and thought provoking Production.

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