All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

The Wildwood Tarot

Green Man copyright © Will Worthington

Many of our members will have come across Will Worthington’s fabulous art over the years. Will is the creator of a number of beautifully illustrated Oracles and Tarots including the Druid Animal Oracle and the Green Man Tree Oracle. In collaboration with Mark Ryan and John Mathews he has created The Wildwood Tarot a re-working of the Greenwood Tarot originally created by Mark Ryan and Chesca Potter. The Green Man has been a powerful symbol throughout Wills career and The Green Man, Green Women (both pictured on this page) and other associated archetypes come to life in this wonderfully crafted set of seventy eight cards.

I have added a link to The Wildwood Tarot on in our bookshop on the main website:

You can find out more about Will, his artwork and his music at and keep an eye out for some of the originals coming up for sale soon.

A full review of The Wildwood Tarot will appear in our next e-newsletter

Green Woman copyright © Will Worthington

The pictures on this posting are copyright © Will Worthington and are reproduced with his kind permission

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