All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

The Green Man: Sin and Salvation in Medieval Devon

St. Michael and All Angels, Mount Dinham

Parish of St. David, Exeter

St. Michael’s Lectures 2011

Wednesday 11th May, 7.30pm

The Green Man: Sin and Salvation in Medieval Devon

Sue Andrew

The lecture focuses on a motif that is striking in its ubiquity. It shows a human head with leaves sprouting from the mouth and sometimes also from eyes, ears and nose. Commonly referred to as the ‘Green Man’, the figure has been the subject of much speculation. The lecture, which is accompanied by many images, will suggest that the Green Man, during the late medieval period, was firmly rooted in notions of sin and salvation.

Sue Andrew is a PhD student in the Department of Art History at Plymouth University, the subject of her thesis being ‘Late Medieval Roof Bosses in the Parish Churches of Devon’. Sue hopes that her researches will cast new light on the church and its people in pre-Reformation Devon.


The lectures are open to all and admission is free (there is a voluntary retiring collection). St. Michael’s Church is the church with the tall spire (Mount Dinham, Dinham Road, Exeter, EX4 4EB) by the Iron Bridge on North St./St. David’s Hill. For further information contact David Beadle at or go to

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