All Things Green Man & The Traditional Jack-in-the-Green

Green Man of the Month (February 2010)

Green Man of the month for February is from The Church of St Mary the Virgin in Langley Marish, Berkshire.  The earlist part of the church dates from the twelfth Century, but it has been rebuilt restored and extended many times since then. The pictured Green Man is on the northern side of the chancel pillars. There are three faces on what are described as label stops, and include a green man, a green women and a green beast (possibly a lion) all three are beautifully detailed. They probably date to the 14th Century.  There are also another two smaller less detailed green men on window stops in the chancel.

This picture takes pride of place for February in The official Company of the Green Man calendar for 2010. All the photos have been taken by myself during 2009 and include some less well known green men that I’ve come across in my journeys. It’s available worldwide from our Cafepress shop at:


Please be aware that holidays marked in the calendar are US holidays, we will be producing a full UK version for 2011

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