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Green Man of the Month

Green Man of the month for August has long been one of my favourites and is also the one I adopted for the Company of the Green Man Website. I’m often asked where he comes from. He is one of an identical pair that reside on a wooden lych gate leading to Stanton St Quinton Parish Church (St Giles) in Wiltshire. The Church is on the main road through the village and also boasts a possible Sheela Na Gig hidden high on the church tower (For more info about these fascinating images look no further than John Harding’s Sheela Na Gig Project web site

The Church dates back to the 12th C but the lych gate is possibly late 19th early 20th Century. The two carved wood green men are surprisingly small and are very easy to miss. They sit diagonally opposite each other at eye level on a carved border. The leaves sprouting from their mouths appear to be acanthus and the green men themselves are extremely unusual.