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Green Man Sign


Andrew Smiths "Green Man" Pub Sign © Andrew Smith
Andrew Smiths “Green Man” Pub Sign © Andrew Smith

I came across COTGM member Andrew Smith’s website and loved his  Green Man pub sign so much that I asked him if he would kindly allow us to show it. Andrews site is at (Go on you know you want one!)


The Green Man comes and he dances all day
The Green Man comes and he is gone away
Turn and he turns in a year and a day
Green Man laughs and he loves to play.

Green Man.

Green Man?s his name, some call him Iron John,
Herne the Hunter, or Herne the Hunter?s son.
Dances the seasons as they spiral on
Call him, call him. He is each and every one.

Green Man.

He is hiding in each and every single tree
He is inside them and in you and in me
He lives he dies, but he will forever be
Grinning his grin, the grin of eternity.

Green Man. Green Man.

This Poem (actually a song) was sent in by COTGM member Mark Newell from London. You can view his book of poetry “Symbolic” at